Professional Services

Genesis International Medical & Research Services, based in Central Florida, provides a variety of health care services, including Diagnostic Imaging Services, Cardiac Imaging Services, Orthopedic Reconstruction Imaging, 3D – Reconstruction Neuro, Pulmonary, Accidents, Specialized Health Care, Teleradiology and Research Services. This is an organization that provides Medical Services to the community, nations disaster regions, […]

Services include Imaging, Teleradiology, Specialized Healthcare Services, Outreach, Research Receive CAT Scan Service, diagnostic testing, and other medical services from Genesis International Medical Services based in Kissimmee, Florida. We now serve communities in the U.S. and plan to offer our services in third world countries, where Health Services are desperately needed.

Diagnostic Imaging:

This involves providing diagnostic imaging for all our clients, with the latest technology from pediatric to geriatric patients. We will be teaching and helping local doctors set up this care as we move from area to area. Genesis International Medical Services is providing research and development in all areas.

Bio Medical Waste / Ozone Friendly/ HIPPA Compliance

BIO Medical Waste Presentation

Breakthrough SOLUTION for the ENVIRONMENT
Environmentally friendly
Zero toxic emissions
Delivers, shreds and treats Bio-medical waste
Uses high levels of Ozone
Volume reduction up to 90%
Low operating costs
Greatly reduced handling
Black Bag (every day trash)
Red Bag (sharps, surgical covers, IV bags, Tubing, etc..)
Pathological (limbs, tissues, etc…)
HIPPA (documents, vials with patient names, etc…)
Cost effective (Can significantly reduce current expense)
No more sorting
Green with bi-product of pure O2 (LEED)
Easy and odorless
Reduction of liability

For more information, please contact Mr. Johnson at; (407) 468-3075

Ultrasound Services

Infinity Satelite Location:
1960 North John Young Parkway
Kissimmee, Florida 34741
Tel: (407) 268-6004
Fax: (407) 809-5245

“The Greatest Wealth Is Health”
We are committed to offering our Self – Paying Patients the best Ultrasound Services at the lowest price in the area.

$70.00 Exams: Breast, Thyroid, Small Parts, Scrotum, Superficial structures
$75.00 Exams: Abdominal, Pelvic, Transvaginal, OB 1st Trimester, OB 2nd Trimester
$100.00 Exams: Vascular Ultrasound, Doppler Exams
$120.00 Exams: Echocardiogram
$140.00 Exams Pelvic & Transvaginal


We will be able to read the results of the images from satellite, no matter where our patients are in the world. The technicians will be able to get the results back to the doctor in a short amount of time, allowing the doctor are able to serve the patient in real-time.

Pharmaceutical Research Development:

We are actively involved in conducting research and developing a Number Theoretic-based model for Pharmacokinetics / pharmacodynamics (PK/PD), ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination, and toxicity), pharmacotoxicokinetics (PK/TK), drug metabolism, and use as a guide to conduct experiments during the drug discovery and development process.

Humanitarian Services:

We are actively involved in Non-profit Voluntary Services within the U.S. with extended International Disaster Assistance in Haiti and other Countries. We also assist in providing Mentoring, Tutorial, Pastoral and Inspirational Services for Individuals, Families and National Communities.