Bio Medical Waste Presentation / Ozone Friendly Environment / HIPPA Compliance

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BIO Medical Waste Presentation

Healthcare Features Includes:

BIO Medical Waste Presentation
Breakthrough SOLUTION for the ENVIRONMENT
Environmentally friendly
Zero toxic emissions
Delivers, shreds and treats Bio-medical waste
Uses high levels of Ozone
Volume reduction up to 90%
Low operating costs
Greatly reduced handling
Black Bag (every day trash)
Red Bag (sharps, surgical covers, IV bags, Tubing, etc..)
Pathological (limbs, tissues, etc…)
HIPPA (documents, vials with patient names, etc…)
Cost effective (Can significantly reduce current expense)
No more sorting
Green with bi-product of pure O2 (LEED)
Easy and odorless
Reduction of liability

90% Reduction of Waste Allows reduces the Number of Trips to the land fill
Average charge to pick up a container is $125-150
Major reduction in Maintenance, Legal Liability and Transportation costs
No special handling containers, boxes, liners,etc.
No expensive refrigeration systems required


Colorado Medical Waste   Bev  Hanstrom   303.794.5716
3131 Oakland Street, Aurora, CO  80010

O3 PureMed          Becky Molnar    941.286.7371
271 S. Franklin Street, Greenfield, IN  46140