Genesis International Medical & Research Services is based in Central Florida, provides a variety of health care services, including Diagnostic Imaging Services, Temporary Contractual, Consulting Services, Patient and Medical Products Research, Cardiac Imaging Services, Orthopedic Reconstruction Imaging, 3D – Reconstruction Neuro, Pulmonary, Accidents, Specialized Health Care, Tele-Radiology and Research Services. This Organization provides Non-Profit Medical Services to the Communities and National Disaster Regions…

Genesis International Medical & Research Services is a company that will strive to excel in the business of operating a medical imaging center that will serve as the premier provider of Radiological Services in the local area featuring a courteous and knowledgeable staff of well-trained personnel dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

The inspiration for the company was the realization that there is a need for companies to provide consistent high-quality service in a prompt and efficient manner while acknowledging everyone’s right to receive affordable Healthcare Service and improving the health and safety of all individuals and communities. The company headquartered is located in Central, Florida.

Our Mission:

Genesis International Medical and Research Services is Compassion-driven, provides exceptional professional service designed to exceed the expectations of our clients. we put our patients first, serve them with integrity and personal standard of care. We work directly with medical providers, doctors, attorneys, nursing homes, cancer centers, and the government regarding natural disasters.

Genesis International Medical Services is affiliated with the following Professional Services:

Court Expert Consultant Services
GIMS Tele-Radiology Services
Bio Medical Clean Waste Systems / Ozone Friendly Medical Waste System
Pastoral Care Service
Non Profit International Outreach Services

American Best Diagnostic Imaging
Advance MRI and Radiology
Doral Medical Imaging
Doctors Diet Weight Loss Clinic
Health Check X-Press
Urgent Care Clinics
Walk–In Medical Clinics
Family Practice
Family Physician
Pediatric Physician
Cardiologist / Heart Specialist
Pulmonologist / Lung Specialist
Orthopedics / Bone Specialist
Spine Specialist
Infinity Diagnostic
Intervention Neurologist
Internal Medicine
Accident / Personal Injury Attorney’s